HLPF Side Event: Upholding human rights and values

Navigating the threats to peace, democracy, climate action, and civil society during preparation of the Summit of the Future


What: Official side event at the High Level Political Forum 2024
When: 9th of July at 14:00-15:30 CEST
Where: Online
Register: Zoom link
Interpretations: We are fundraising & investigating AI support options
Organiser: ECE-RCEM, with support from WECF as a governing body representative to the EU region of ECE-RCEM


The event focuses on exploring the interconnected challenges facing civilians and the general public in UNECE’s member states, against the backdrop of preparing for the Pact of the Future.

Brief description of the event:

As stakeholders prepare the Pact of the Future, a groundbreaking document set to shape international cooperation in the coming years, critical achievements in peace, democracy, climate action, and civil society engagement are challenged by the rise of populist right-wing political rhetoric and laws. This rhetoric is often characterised by nationalist agendas and authoritarian lawmaking, and poses a direct threat to the core values and principles that underpin modern societies. This event will delve into the challenges posed by these threats and seek answers on a global, regional, and national scale, particularly in countries where civic space is increasingly restricted. From safeguarding democratic principles to enhancing climate action and promoting active civil society participation, the event will explore practical approaches to responding to and counteracting the current trend. Furthermore, the event will examine how these discussions can inform the upcoming Summit of the Future, ensuring that the values and principles discussed are prominently featured in the outcome of the Pact of the Future discussions.