ECE-RCEM Advocacy
ECE-RCEM is a recognized regional constituency within Major Groups and other Stakeholders that provides possibilities to be actively involved in advocacy actions in the UN processes on sustainable development at the regional and global levels.
ECE-RCEM does advocacy work at various levels:
National Level
  • Building Capacities of civil society for SDG monitoring and implementation
  • Supporting civil society from VNR countries
National CSOs and Coalitions
Global Level
  • Submitting Yearly Position Paper
  • Provide experts for Expert Group Meetings
  • High Level Political Forum (HLPF):
Organizing ECE-RCEM Side Event
Doing Interventions

The regional context plays a pivotal role in translating the national sustainable development realities outlined in the 2030 Agenda into global impact. The UNECE actively organizes Regional Sustainable Development Forums, providing Member States with a platform to delve into detailed discussions on their national contexts. The outcomes of these forums are subsequently presented at the High-Level Political Forum.

Leading up to and during these regional forums, ECE-RCEM focuses on building the capacities of local and national civil society. Through activities such as organizing trainings, pre-meetings, delivering interventions and statements, hosting exhibitions, and publishing position papers, RCEM ensures that local voices resonate both regionally and globally by, for example, submitting yearly position papers or organizing HLPF side events with civil society of the region.
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        ECE-RCEM Archive

        ECE-RCEM was established in 2017. Since then ECE-RCEM is active at the regional and global levels on various UN processes on sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda, and SDGs. Here you can find our updates from previous years.